Shree B.N. Highschool - Chandod
Shree B.N. High School - Chandod - Jatin Upadhyay

જાતિન ઉપાધ્યાય

To Children with Love from parents

My dear child, we can guide you….
We gave you life but we cannot live it for you.
We can give you direction.
But we cannot always be there to lead you.
We can allow you freedom, but we cannot account for it
We can teach you right from wrong. But we cannot always decide for you.
We can offer you advice,  but we cannot accept it for you.
We can teach you to share, but we cannot force you to show honour.
We can help you to set goals, but we cannot achieve then for you.
We can advise you about your friends,  but we cannot choose them for you.
We can take you to the temple, but we cannot make you work ship.
We can tell you how to line, but we cannot give you eternal life.
"We can guide you" come let us put our best efforts and we will have the best of everything we love you, mom and dad.