Shree B.N. Highschool - Chandod
Shree B.N. High School - Chandod - Joshi Nimisha D.

જોષી નિમીષા ડી.

Impotence of studing English to the students of Gujarat

English is an international language. The importance of English increases day by day. We have seen that the people of Gujarat often fase difficulties due to poor command over English language. The student of Gujarat can have many benefit in life, if they are good at English. In spite of various programmes workshops and classes on English a pessimistic approach prevails in Gujarat. People do not try sincerely to improve their English with the help og good command over English language. The people in Gujarat can get better job prospects, develop business prospects, get facilities for higher education. They will not suffer from complex and will develop a better life style with increased facilities in different spheres of life. The people of Gujarat are hard working and highly intelligent. They can have many advantages of studying English.